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Slow- or Fast-Carbs Pre-Workout?

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  • Slow- or Fast-Carbs Pre-Workout?

    Hi Doc

    [i think i may have answered my own question here, but i would like to run it past your for your learned insight and guidance]

    i'm making sure i'm focusing my carb intake on the meals just before and just after my workouts, but i've kinda got it into my head that simple carbs (e.g. a fistful of dried fruit) pre-workout would give me a quick blast of energy

    which they do

    but - about two-thirds of the way through my workout - kerSPLAT! i just crash and burn, and feel so drained it's hard to carry on

    i'm thinking that i should be including some slower releasing stuff like oatmeal in there too, yes?

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    I don't think it matters one iota (re: fast or slow and energy intake), but perhaps the amount of carbs is not correct, you're actually thirsty, or the total amount of calories was not ideal.
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