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Does GainzZz Rx contain soy?

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  • Does GainzZz Rx contain soy?

    I recently (last week) began supplementing with GainzZz Rx (GR) and have had a gout "attack" on the day after each workout every time. Details to follow...

    A little over a year ago, I had the first gout attack I've ever had in my life, suffered through several days of pain, went to my GP then a podiatrist, who diagnosed gout. I was on indomethacin for three days, learned I need to drink more water, and have been symptom-free since I started to drink more water.

    I drink alcohol (beer) on the weekends, but not through the week. I supplement with a daily multivitamin, fish oil, and vitamin D (all recommended by my GP), daily ~5 g creatine monohydrate (as an experiment to see if it lets me work harder in the gym), and 3X weekly (MWF) l-arginine and calcium-magnesium (to help with DOMS). I recently (last week) began supplementing with GR mixed with creatine monohydrate as a pre-workout, mixed with ~12 oz of coffee, latte, or mocha (I've tried all three).

    I suspect this is related to GR because I first experienced milder symptoms after my Wednesday workout last week, which resolved themselves the next day, missed my Friday workout, and had no symptoms over the weekend, hit my Monday workout, with less mild symptoms that resolved themselves by Tuesday afternoon, and hit my Wednesday workout, with pain so bad it woke me at 0545 Thursday morning and I was unable to go back to sleep. I supplemented with GR on Wednesday of last week, and Monday and Wednesday of this week. There was no gout attack this weekend, even after drinking what was definitely too much beer on Saturday.

    There have been no other significant changes in diet. I eat beef several times a week, and sushi once a week or every other week or so, depending on the time of year. I do not eat organ meats or most of the foods typically rich in purines that are implicated in contributing to a gout attack.

    I've read that whey protein doesn't contain purines which potentially cause gout, and that neither creatine monohydrate not BCAAs contribute to gout. I've read that some supplements contain things not on the label, and that soy is a common contaminant. I've read the label of ingredients on the bottle I received when I ordered it, which reports no soy products, but can't explain the occurrence of symptoms after I supplement with GR if GR is not a factor.

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    There is no soy in GainzZz Rx and typically BCAAs reduce incidence of Gout when administered with gout. I would look at your non dairy daily protein intake to ascertain its level.
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