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    Not sure if this is nutrition or training. Going to go with nutrition.

    Looking to compete in just under 9 weeks. Waistline is 38", running 5lbs or so above the class weight limit, thinking a water cut rather than a diet change is the answer to make weight. Never done a water cut before, seen several how to's on the net on this but I wanted to ask how would you guys recommend doing a water cut? Weigh in is on Friday at 5pm, lifting starts at 9am on Saturday morning.

    For future reference is there a recommend the max amount you can water cut?

    Would recommend any nutritional changes along with the water cut? For example stop taking creatine the week of for water retention and or possibly cutting calories the Thurs and Fri before weigh in.

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    I would absolutely not recommend a water cut. You have plenty of time to lose 5lbs. Do that via calorie restriction. Don't stop taking creatine.
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      Thanks for your advice. Last time I barely made weight cutting macros- always struggled with weight loss! Will be more aggressive with macro manipulation this go round.