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    Hi Jordan, I remember you from Brute Strength Gym in Norfolk. I am sensitive to milk and milk-derived products. Whey protein makes me break out, particularly on my back. I would like to switch to a vegan protein powder so my skin will clear up. I generally only have one scoop of protein powder per day, so it's not a huge part of my diet. Do you happen to know of any good vegan protein powders, or do you have any parameters to look for that would tell me that a protein powder is of decent quality? Thank you for all the free information you put out. I really enjoy your podcasts.

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    There are no "good" vegan protein powders in that they generally lack the concentrated source of essential amino acids that whey protein is known for. Given that it's only 1 scoop per day of your diet, I'd recommend getting your protein from whole foods if whey has that effect on you.
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