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  • Wife’s fat loss

    My wife and I are both experienced lifters. She is 5’2”, muscular and lean at about 110 lbs. Last year she did a cut to see if she could get into competition (figure) shape. Not to compete, just for personal satisfaction. She cycled calories 3 low days [4 for last 6 weeks] (1250 with 115g pro, 100g carb, rest fat) with 1 high (2000 cal, extra from carbs). This worked well and she cut to 104 lbs. after about 11 weeks.

    This year, she started in mid-Nov and followed a similar 3 low/1 high cycle and has lost nearly zero pounds. Started 111 lbs., now weight vacillates b/t 109-113 lbs. she is 45 and is peri-menopausel.

    I adjusted her to 4 low and 1 high and changed the high day to 1850 calories and this has not moved the needle for the last couple of weeks.

    What are we missing? She lifts with high intensity, bodybuilding style with short rest periods 4 days per week. She adds 20-30 mins of cardio after lifting sessions and another 1-2 cardio sessions (some HIIT, some LISS).

    Any insights you can add would be appreciated. Calories, cardio frequency, etc. thanks!

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    Either her activity weight down or her calorie intake is a bit higher on average than it was. I don't suspect she lost any muscle mass, but I do think if she wants to lose more weight she'll have to reduce her calories more.
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