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Fat loss and confusion

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  • Fat loss and confusion

    Hi Jordan, I am currently a 24 year old male with a waist circumference of 35”, a BMI of 28, with an average weight of 224 pounds at 6’4”. I have been steadily losing weight for the past several months, down from 240lbs, but I am a bit confused as to why I get various different body fat percentages based on different calculators. I have used the Navy calculator and it says I am 14%, while the lean body mass calculators say I have 23% which would put in an obese category. I also had a DEXA as an several months ago that said I was 33% bf. I was wondering if this is a paralysis by analysis situation or are The variances in measurements really that great? I’m currently at a crossroads because I want to get down to a body weight where I can really see my abs and I am just a bit confused as to how I should proceed. Based on BMI at my height I should weigh at most 205 pounds to be normal weight and maybe I’m just biased but that seems like I would be extremely skinny...I hope that was enough information and I really appreciate any insight you have.

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    The DEXA scan is far more accurate than any calculator and almost any other test you could have performed. I think you need to keep losing weight and training to see your abs if you really want that.
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