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Long-term maintenance phase and recomp

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  • Long-term maintenance phase and recomp

    Dr. Feigenbaum,

    First, thanks for answering all these questions on this forum. It is definitely appreciated as well as impressive you can actually get to all these questions. I have a couple questions but I'll set up the scenario for a little context first.

    1. From July 2018 - Feb 2019: dropped from 95kg to 89.9kg (compete as an 89kg in weightlifting). Body fat dropped from ~23%-20% according to Inbody scan.
    2. Notable loss of strength - seen in 2 and 3RM squats, 1RM clean, 1RM snatch. Strength loss most noted towards tail end (November 2018 - Feb 2019).
    3. Currently in maintenance phase at ~90.5kg.
    4. Other stats: 5'8", 35 y.o., roughly ~6hrs sleep per night on a good night. Allostatic load moderate to occasionally high. Train 4x/wk usually.

    1. Next competition would be August 2019. Would like to compete in 89kg but is a long-term maintenance phase from now until then advised as a way to both recomp as well as increase strength/power numbers (assuming programming is appropriate).
    2. Likelihood of recomp (as in <19% BF, staying at 90.5kg) for a lifter about 9 years in?

    I feel like I just aired all my dirty laundry to the entire BBM forum. Hello, everybody. I'm not ashamed.

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    1) I think that's reasonable depending on other things like waist circumference and health risk factors. Programming will be important.
    2) For you? Pretty likely
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