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What to do after hitting your weight loss goal?

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  • What to do after hitting your weight loss goal?

    I'm currently on my weigh down toward a goal bodyweight around 200 pounds (started near 225). I've been able to go up on my lifts throughout the process but pretty slowly. I'd say I'm post-novice by now but not by a lot.

    What should I do once I reach my goal weight? Is it time to immediately start gradually gaining so that I can increase strength and hypertrophy (ultimately I do want to do that), or should I try to stay at my goal weight for an extended period? I've heard people talk about changing the body's "set point". I don't know what you think about that idea and whether keeping my weight where it is would help do that.

    Long term I want to be able to get stronger and more muscular so I imagine that will require some weight gain, but I don't want to just end up fluffy again.

    Hopefully most of that made sense.

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    I think I would recommend maintaining for a few weeks would be a reasonable idea, followed by a slow weight gain (1-2lbs a month, tops).
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