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Waist circumference growth rate

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  • sgarciac07
    commented on 's reply
    Thanks a lot Jordan, then I'll stick to the regular waist measurement.

  • Jordan Feigenbaum

    I wouldn't take three different measurements, as it's unlikely to make a difference in management and I'm not sure how to interpret any of them in the context of a proper waist measurement. In any event, your waist growth in 10 weeks is small. Carry on.


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  • sgarciac07
    started a topic Waist circumference growth rate

    Waist circumference growth rate

    Hey Docs, I've been having some thoughts that I'm eating in a bigger surplus than I sould, because I've seen that lately my waist measurements are going up very rapidly.
    I take measurements of my waist in three different point of my trunk, directly over the belly and two fingers up/down from the belly, I've seen that my measurements above and below the belly tend to increase fast, for example, in the last 10 weeks my waist measurement above the belly increased by 1.5cm (from 75.6cm to 77cm), and below the belly almost by 2cm (from 78cm to 80cm), while my waist mesurement directly over the belly increased by 0.5cm (from 75.6cm to 76cm). Is this normal? Should I modify my intake so that rate of growth is slower?
    I must say that my bodyweight has also been going up almost every week, 10 weeks ago I was 149.6lb and today I woke up at 154.3lb.
    Any recommendation would be awesome to hear.