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    [NOTE: I posted yesterday, but it turns out my friend mistakenly said GLUTAMINE when she meant GLUTAMATE. I couldn't delete yesterday's post, but I'm posting a corrected, revised, and slightly more detailed version here to avoid any confusion.]


    I've managed to encourage a friend of mine (1) to start resistance training and (2) to aim to consume roughly 1g per pound of bodyweight per day. To meet the daily protein goal, she has been consuming one or two scoops per day of whey isolate.

    Her doctor told her that she has "too much glutamate" and that she should stop consuming whey and reduce dairy consumption generally. The symptoms the doctor attributes to excess glutamate include increased anxiety, reduced attention span, and impact on moods.

    It set off my BBM-honed skepticism alarm, but I don't want to encourage her to consume whey (and generally aim for the levels of protein consumption indicated in the resistance training literature) if there's an appreciable risk of harm.

    I'd be grateful for your reaction.



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    Similar to my response yesterday, glutamate testing is not something done in routine clinical practice and I am not sure why that was performed, the results from said test, or what the doctor actually said.

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