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  • Diet Periodization

    Hi Jordan,

    Is there any evidence that “periodizing” ones diet results in more muscle mass gained or fat lost over a long term period? I’m sure it helps with adherence but i hear arguments from people, a la Mike Israetel, that simply drilling the same deficit over the long term could eventually become metabolically inefficient. Another claim i’ve seen is spending 4-6 weeks in maintenance phases prior to embarking on a bulk or cut so that you become desensitized to feast or famine...something like that at least.

    thank you.

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    Depends what you mean by periodization in this sense. The MATADOR study shows some evidence for improved adherence, though other trials using a similar protocol fail to support this claim. I don't think I could very confidently say anything related to alternating periods of maintenance and calorie surplus/deficit with respect to "better" outcomes.
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