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  • Meal "plan" sanity check

    I'm not as precise with my food intake as I'd like to be in the future, but as of right now, I've put together a sort of baby's first meal plan, and I was wondering if I could get a sanity check on this. I've been eating like this for a little bit now just to make sure I can pull it off without problem.

    Down about 4kg from my peak weight, looking to go down another 8-10kg. I was in that 90-92kg range for many years and I was in good shape, got pudgy by deciding I like junk food a lot and by thinking that I needed to put on them gainz by eating like a pig. Those days are gone. Looking to obviously continue lifting and reap whatever strength/muscle gainz I can while losing this belly.

    28 years old
    38-39 inch waist. Definitely still cutting that down.
    Lifting 3x a week on the General S&C Template, with cardio/gpp stuff on off days 2x a week.

    On to business:

    Meal 1, 12:00-13:00. Cafeteria food in the workplace here tends to be pretty alright!:
    Palm sized (plus a little bit) portion of protein
    Fist sized portion of whatever carbs we have a the cafeteria. This being Finland, it's usually boiled/roasted/mashed potatoes. Maybe rice or sometimes something a bit more exotic.
    Whatever is left over on the plate filled with salad and boiled/roast vegetables

    Meal 2, 17:00-18:00, somewhere in there:
    1-2 palm sized portions of protein, in my case this is usually either chicken or this really good lean pork fillet thing that's like 3e for 240g
    Fist sized (+ a little bit) portion of protein, often potato in some form. Sometimes in the form of whole grain oat bread or rice.
    Small amount of salad (I need to stop being so lazy with this.

    Pre-training, about an 1-1.5h before lifting:
    Sandwich. Cheese, margarine, Medvurst or turkey. "Sandwich" is a bit of a fluid term, but lets say it's not an enormous one. Sometimes this meal might contain the other palm sized portion of meat and carbs from Meal 2.

    21:00-22:30 LIFTIN' WEIGHTS

    35g protein from whey
    10g~ protein from skim milk
    Some other nutrients from the banana and frozen strawberries/blueberries
    = 45g of protein + berry stuff (funnily enough, Strawberries are technically an an aggregate accessory fruit and bananas are technically berries)

    So does this sort of thing look okay for someone in my situation? What should I change, if anything?

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    I'm not sure that personal diet review is something I want to do on the forum, however here's what I pick out:

    1) I don't know that intermittent fasting would be my preferred way to diet
    2) I think you could use more vegetables and fruits
    3) I think you should have more quantitative measures to keep track of progress, e.g. macros, calories, etc.
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      Thanks for the response. Will definitely look into the fruit and veg thing, and I suppose it is time to actually start being more precise with my food intake.