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  • Jordan Feigenbaum

    Thanks for the post and for joining the forum.

    I think given your info here, I'd probably aim for 250/270/70 (Pro/Carb/Fat) with 35g fiber per day. You can eat whatever foods you like in order to hit these numbers, though we do recommend 6 servings of fruits and vegetables (total) per day minimum. I would spend some time playing around with MyFitnessPal plugging in different meal combinations that you would eat in order to make some sample meals for yourself. I don't think I would plan on eating only 3 food items per day. Rather, plan out a day of eating using the app and give yourself some options. This is something we do for our coaching clients, but you can do it for yourself as well


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  • RolandoMota
    started a topic Macro Intake

    Macro Intake

    Good afternoon,

    according to Dr Feigenbaum's To Be A Beast article's matrix on Fat Loss, I should be consuming 1.25 (g/LB) of Protein, 1 (g/LB) of Carbohydrates, and .25 (g/LB) of Fat. I currently weigh ~ 269.2 LBS and have a waist circumference of ~ 43.25 inches while staying a similar weight. Currently training 3 days a week and walking 30 minutes on non-training days, I have seen my waist circumference go down since my first measurement on 4/16/19 (46 inches), all this while doing a IIFYM style of nutrition consuming around 3k Calories a day. I plugged in my numbers to this matrix, and it is hard to wrap my head around it, not necessarily the grams of a certain Macro that I have to hit but more over how that transfers to food! I NEED ADVICE! The current regimen, which I spent all day formulating, is 3 Lbs of Skinless Chicken Breast ( ~302 grams of Protein, 35 grams of Fat), a measurement of 2 cups of uncooked Brown Rice ( ~ 270 grams of Carbs, 28 grams of Protein, 10.3 grams of Fat) and 2 tablespoons of Extra Virgin Olive Oil to get me to my Fat Macro Intake. I don't even know if I can consume such volume of food, I am open to trying but I am looking for any advice on how to hit these parameters in the cheapest way possible!?? I think this will put me at around 11-13 USD a day to consume these calories. How can I hit my macros in accordance to the matrix in a fashion that will be cost effective!! Any tips or alterations to these Macro Intakes would be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks for your time Barbell Medicine Team!