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Rough meal plan, any things you could add?

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  • Rough meal plan, any things you could add?

    I previously made a post about getting back into lifting after doing LP and taking a break for a few months on vacation. I'm finally back home and ready to train tomorrow first thing in the morning! This also means I need to get my diet back in order. I've come up with a plan based on your advice from what I've read over the last few weeks such as getting at least 3 g of leucine in every meal, spacing meals out 3-5 hours apart, etc.

    Do you mind taking a quick look at what I've planned out and see if there's anything you'd add? For context:

    6 ft Male, 185 lbs, I want to gain some weight but slowly.

    I'm thinking, I should add in more fiber? More veggies somewhere?
    Also, you recommend a palm sized portion of meat per meal or equivalent but from what I've read, a palm sized portion of say chicken (3 oz) has only 2 grams of leucine. Are my palms just too small? Or should I be supplementing with some other meats or sources of protein in the same meal?
    Also, should I supplement with whiskey once a week?

    Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to help out a noob like me!

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    Glad to hear you're getting back into it.

    As far as fiber, looks like you're at 32.5g per day. Seems reasonable to me. You can eat more vegetables and fruits if you like.

    I would not try to micromanage leucine intake per meal. Palm size or 4oz of meat per meal is fine, but it looks like your protein target is higher based on your meal plan, which is also fine.

    If you'd like to have whiskey a few times a week, that's fine too.

    Most important is that you consistently train and get somewhere close to the appropriate nutrition intake.

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      Alright thanks!