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To be a beast - real foods?

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  • To be a beast - real foods?

    Hey just wondering, what foods fit into the macros for "to be beast" or roughly 200/200/50 for someone maintaining or losing weight?

    The fat allowance can really get eaten up by lots of things and is tricky. Options of real foods? 500g of steak?

    In particular, what foods have some combination of protein and carbs but are low in fat?

    I can reach the macros "easily" with a fair amount of protein powder, bread, vegetables, and some other stuff carefully figured out (tofu, chicken, some red meat)... but it looks like cheese has to be limited... as too ice cream...

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    Yea, you'll have to limit your food sources that have a high amount of a calories in them when trying to lose weight or maintain weight on 2000kCal or less.

    Chicken, fish, lean beef, egg whites, Greek yogurt, fat-free cottage cheese, etc. all work for protein sources.

    Rice, potatoes, whole grains, fruits, vegetables, oats, etc. all work for carbohydrate sources.

    Those are all real foods.
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      Thanks! Not too restrictive. Might even be able to fit some eggs in there.