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Confused on what i need to do

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  • Confused on what i need to do

    Hey, i am kinda new to training (at least training with purpose).
    im 17,about 20% bodyfat(Navy calc) but i think have more lower bodyfat. My waist is 32-33 im 173cm and weigh about 73kg. My goals are aesthetics and getting stronger (i dont want to compete and i dont need to become REALLY strong). I am making this post because im not sure what to do, imo i dont have a lot of muscle mass to look good lean, i want to loose weight and i already lost -7kg with help of the to be a beast article, what do you guys think i should do? I train 3 days a week and go to boxing 1-2 days a week.

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    I would consider slowly gaining weight (~2lbs a month) until your waist gets up to 34", in which case I'd reduce calorie intake to lower your waist circumference. Then I'd do the whole thing over again.
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