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Confused about protein consumption

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  • Confused about protein consumption

    About me:

    30yr old Male
    ~195lb bw
    15-16% BF

    recently purchased The Bridge 3.0 and on week 3 of that. Before that I’ve followed Starting Strength, GZCL, and other programs.

    i currently try to consume between 2800-3000 cal a day, with ~220g protein, ~70g fats, and rest in carbs. I listened to a recent podcast of yours where you talked about the testing behind protein intake and results showed best around 1.4-1.7g/kg of bw. I was just confused by this because I guess I’m used to reading all the talk about 1g/lb of bw. So that would put my protein intake at around 140 or so grams of protein, is that correct? I’m trying to gain strength, as I would like to eventually be able to compete in a meet.

    i apologize if this has been asked a lot, I tried searching the forums for something similar but what I found didn’t really clear anything up for me.

    any help on nutrition, or anything is super appreciated! Thank you

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    In that podcast I stated our recommendation was 1.6-3.1g of progtein/kg/day. Any intake within that range would be good, including 1 g/lb if you like.

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      Thank you Jordan for the response. I greatly appreciate it!