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    Hi Jordan! I've been trying to educate myself about supplements recently, and am trying to sift through an ocean of information. Finding it difficult who to believe and interpret so much information. I apologize in advance for my laundry list of questions but I really want to know where to put my money in terms of supplements.

    1) Is there any benefit to using a protein powder blend (of Whey Isolate, Micellar Casein, and Egg White protein) or any combination of the three, as opposed to Whey Isolate alone? Does using a blend prolong MPS?

    2) Is there any benefit to using Creatine HCL or any other form besides Creatine Monohydrate? Does using Creatine HCL allow for the same effect at a smaller dose?

    3) Can using a different form of Creatine result in less stomach issues? Does the temperature of the water you mix Creatine in affect how well it mixes/absorbed by the body? Also, does it take time for creatine to go into solution or can you ingest it right after you mix it? Does the amount of water you mix creatine with matter?

    4) Does taking creatine with a combination of protein and carbs improve its absorption? Does black pepper extract increase the absorption of nutrients?

    5) Does calcium or vitamin D intake reduce the uptake of other micro nutrients?

    6) Why Vitamin B-6 in Peri-Rx?

    7) Any benefits of N-Acetyl L-Cysteine, Taurine, or Huperzine? (When it comes to performance or mental state)

    8) Why does every protein powder on the market include calcium? Is it in the dairy (whey) or is it added?

    9) Does Turmeric do any of the following: improve health, lower inflammation, or produce better training outcomes?

    10) What is the reason for going non-GMO with GainzZz Whey? Is this why the powder is a bit more expensive compared to others?

    11) Doesn't the addition of BCAA's in GainzZz Whey spike up the nitrogen content of the product? Meaning we wouldn't get 20g of "complete" protein as stated on the Nutrition facts label?

    12) Also, why are there BCAA's in the Peri-workout and Whey powder, are they not meant to be taken together? Taking them in the same meal would net you 14g of BCAA's which seems excessive.

    I am not trying to bash any supplement you guys have put together I am just insanely curious! Thanks in advance as I know I asked about a lot of specifics...

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    Have you read any of the stuff we've published? It doesn't look like it.

    1)Nope. It's more expensive.


    3b) no
    3c) doesn't matter
    3d) no

    4a) No
    4b) No

    5) No

    6) It's involved in BCAA metabolism

    7) Not really, no.

    8) It's part of the protein from whey or casein

    9) No

    10) It's not more expensive than other WPI's and not being GMO is important to a significant portion of the market. We'd like to stay in business.

    11) They are not added to the whey, they are a part of the whey, as BCAA's are a large reason why whey is so powerful. We did add about 600mg of leucine to the elemental whey, but since this is a BCAA, it's not protein spiking (typically done with other aminos that do not contribute to MPS)

    12) They are not meant to be taken together.

    You should check out more of our material. It's easily accessible. Also, google is a hell of a tool.
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      you have the patience of a nun, sir.

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      That is a fact..

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    Will definitely be reading more of the information you guys put out there, thanks for the help! Thank you for clearing up the confusion about GainzZz supplments, will most likely be getting them off Amazon in the near future!