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How to balance my bf and strength as a returning lifter

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  • How to balance my bf and strength as a returning lifter

    5 foot 10
    180 lbs
    Waist 37 inch


    I recently got back into training after many years off. I was not happy with how small and fat i was. Over the last 2 months i have lost 10 lbs and an inch and a half off my waist through diet and various resistance training. I am now on week three of a SSLP. I was having alot of trouble recovering from my workouts in week two and was unable to make considerable progress in a calorie deficit. This week i returned to a "maintenance" level for calories and i was able to increase my lifts substancially while maintaining my weight. Any advice for diet going forward. My main priority is to bring my waistline down to at least 35 inches, but i would also like to keep getting stronger and not feel like shit every day. Should i go back to cutting? Should i run out my lp on a maintenance? I have been told i should be in a surplus and end my lp around 195 - 200 lbs and that i can focus on my waist afterwards but i am afraid that would not be healthy. Would love advice from a credible source.

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    Welcome back to training and I hope you're doing well

    Here's what I would do:

    1) Stop LP, start our Beginner Template (free Beginner Rx for the first block if needed).
    2) Eat at maintenance and see what happens over the first block. By definition, you should not gain or lose weight. Ideally your waist would trend down.
    3) If your waist doesn't drop over the course of the first block, I'd reduce calories until your waist is <35".

    I would not run LP on a surplus right now. That's bad advice.

    Interestingly, the sentiment that "people can easily lose weight later" flies in the face of the worldwide obesity epidemic. Most (>90%) of overweight or obese people are unable to lose weight and maintain it later.

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      Thank you for the advice, i will try it out.