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“Hormones in meat, dairy etc. are killing you”

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  • “Hormones in meat, dairy etc. are killing you”


    lately I’ve been hearing a lot of people talk smack about fresh meat and dairy products that are found in regular stores.
    Their argument is that these products are packed with hormones, which is “bad for your health”.

    One woman told me that one of the causes of “hormonal cancer” which had afflicted her mother years prior (I am assuming she was talking about ER-positive breast cancer) was the hormones in milk, meat etc.
    When I asked her how she knew that this was indeed the case, she didn’t know the answer.

    I did some digging to better understand what hormones are added and whether they present a significant risk to the average individual.

    Mostly I found no significance in malignant disease pathogenesis due to the hormones present inside these products (estradiol, progesterone, testosterone propionate, trenbolone acetate, rBGH, ...) alone.
    For example, one study found that Mongolian women who follow the traditional Mongolian diet comprised of mostly meat and dairy had a lower incidence of breast cancer in comparison to the women living in the UK, who eat less of these products in comparison to Mongolian women.

    This is by no means a definitive statement on the matter, but I feel as if the whole “hormones inside animal products are killing you” is blown out of proportion.
    Not everybody has the luxury of buying 100% bio-super-woke-food, and it seems that spreading mass panic around “regular” products might cause certain people more harm than good.

    That being said, I am interested in your opinion.
    Have you come across by any evidence regarding this topic?

    Thanks in advance,


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    We would not agree with the sentiment that hormone content in foods contributes significantly to disease in general.

    There is plenty of evidence on this topic, however you'll need to refine your search query to something more specific.

    In reality, the "hormones are killing you" camp should worry more about obesity, sedentarisim, sleep, socioeconomic inequality, lack of regular medical care, and family history of disease.

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    • thicky
      thicky commented
      Editing a comment
      My thoughts exactly, but I wanted to eliminate any chance of confirmation bias(es) from my side.

      Thank you for your time, J.

      All the best!