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  • TBAB for older folks

    Hello, wondering if the recommendations you have in TBAB on macros and protein/carb/fat mix generally apply as a rough guideline for older trainees, eg. trainees in their 70s (such as my father!). He is 170lb, relatively active, 5'7 with 39" waist looking to lose 10lb or so and a few inches off his waist. Based on template in TBAB for male fat loss with target weight 160lb that would be around 1800 cals 200g protein 160 carb 45g fat.

    If I plug the 170 > 160lb into the NIH calculator that you have referenced on this board previously, it recommends 2300 cals/day which is a pretty sizeable difference from the # in TBAB.

    Thanks for all the great content on these boards.

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    I think it's awesome you're trying to help your dad. With that in mind, a few things:

    1) I don't think macros or a calorie goal are great starting places for a guy like this unless he specifically asks for them and knows how to track them/monitor them. I'd probably start with a meal plan and portion proxies, e.g. fist size of lean protein each meal.

    2) I think the big variable in the NIH calculator is how much activity we estimate for your dad. I'm betting he's 1.5-1.7, which would put him at 1800-2200 kCal estimated to lose 10lbs in 6 months. I'd aim for a more conservative approach provided protein was high- though to be clear I'd focus much more on activity with your dad than weight loss.

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      Okay, Thanks for the quick response. Very helpful.