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Eating fat on steaks

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  • Eating fat on steaks

    Hello Dr. Feigenbaum,

    About to finish my first tub of Gainzzz RX and I'm incredibly happy with the results. Tastes great too!

    My question is this: When you cook steaks, say a Ribeye, do you cook it with the fat on then cut it off? Or do you eat the fat?

    And is it inherently bad to eat steak every day - does red meat increase the risk for cancer and heart disease more so than chicken or pork?

    Thank you,


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    Hey Willy,

    Thanks for the positive feedback.

    As for the steaks, sometimes I trim the fat before hand and sometimes I leave it on...really depends the type of meat and how I'm preparing it. Sometimes I'll eat it too, but it depends on my fat intake level for the day.

    As far as it being bad or good to eat steak everyday, I don't view food as bad or good from a health perspective. Health has tons of different inputs with food only being one and within that single input, a bunch of other considerations. If what you're eating consistently puts you at in inappropriate energy balance, that would be bad. If not, then what you're eating is not of the highest priority.

    Then you talk about cancer and heart disease, two different disease processes with many different types AND many different variables contributing to them. Suffice it to say, I think that it's not possible to answer the question you asked definitively without typing a few thousand more words.
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      Thank you for the great answer, really helpful!