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  • Autophagy?

    Any thoughts on Autophagy? I have tried fasting only on water with sodium and potassium for 10 days. Lost about 28 pounds. Able to handle carbs much better afterwards, some rashes in skin went away. My wife did the same she is struggling with MS and her symptoms are much less provasive. I am trying to make sense of this because i never believe in magic.. is those benefits basicly because of weightloss or is there something to this phenomenon autophagy? If it is i was thinking to incorporate a fasting protocoll maybe 2-3 times a year. Even also heard dry fasting was even more beneficial (without water and food) and you did not have to go so many days before getting into the autophagy effect. Seen people do 7 days without water and food.. must be dangerous, but maybe I am wrong. You never know before you try maybe? I believe in science but a also believe in results so I am trying to have nuanced view on this subject but wondering a doctors view aswell.

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    Autophagy happens whether you fast or not. I wouldn't recommend it. I would recommend critically evaluating the pop-sci blogs being read, as water fasting or other fasting for "autophagy" is not supported by evidence.

    And the "you never know before you try" is also illogical to me. Anyway, I wouldn't recommend water fasting or focusing on dietary interventions trying to increase "autophagy".
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      Thank you for your insights:-)