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  • Cut bulk or maintain

    Hey BBM crew.
    I currently have a 34-34.5inch waist at 80kg 5'8 and am 20 years old. I have about a year of training.I might be gaining a bit too much fat. So i am considering cutting. However i am hesitant because i want to gain as much as muscle as possible. I dont think maintaing is a good idea for me because its hard for me to stay at the same calories.
    My 2 options i am considering are:
    1.Cut untill my waist is 32inches and then gain weight with a 250cal surplus.
    2.Gain weight with a 250cal surplus till i have a 35inch waist then do option 1.

    What do you guys think i should do?

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    Either option is fine and you should base your decision on what you want to do.

    That said, I probably wouldn't gain weight with a waist circumference of > 35" so if you forced me to choose...I'd probably lose weight. The process of muscle gain is a long one, so I wouldn't be in any rush. This will need to take place over the next decade or so.

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