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not a post, but will be of interest

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  • not a post, but will be of interest

    not a post - i just don't know how else to contact you

    PSA on handling grocery shopping, food deliveries, disinfecting same before storage

    content is decent, although presentation is lacking BBM's professionalism - might be something you would consider providing if your schedule permits

    took the san diego seminar message to heart - down 27 pounds since the feb 8th and progressing with the lifts - so glad i attended - content was incredible, but hearing the reality of aging, obesity, metabolic syndrome, and sarcopenic obesity finally hit home. i'm in my miid-70s, so hearing dr. baraki's statement that they don't see many sarcopenic obese patients (since they're already dead) really drove home the point

    thank you - am in your debt!
    mike kane

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    Awesome to hear, Mike. Keep up the great work!
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      The video is private and unviewable for me. If it's yours, please consider sharing it publicly.