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  • Clear Whey

    Hey BBM team!

    What’s your opinion on MyProtein Clear Whey that’s been released a few months ago?
    Would it stimulate protein synthesis the same way regular Whey Protein does?

    Thank you,
    Rodion Savelyev.

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    It's just a whey protein isolate, but they went ahead and added some useless glutamine in there. It is also rather expensive. Would not recommend.
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      Worth it for the flavour alone, IMO. I got a tonne of it while it was discounted (plus have a student discount) and won’t go back to milky protein flavours when I’m done. Peach tea, bitter lemon and the rainbow one are my favourite. They taste good enough that I’d drink them even if they weren’t protein drinks!

      If you’re tight on cash, I’d avoid, though. Might as well just stick to the milky flavours.