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Other reccomended protein brands?

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  • Other reccomended protein brands?

    G'day from Australia! Been wanting to buy some protein this past week and have seen that BBM don't ship to Aus as far as I can see.
    Are there any recommendations for other brands that put out low calorie per serving, high EAA etc. products?

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    I really don't know off hand, but here would be the criteria for a good protein:

    1) 2.5-3g bcaa per serving
    2) no protein spiking, e.g. adding glutamine, creatine, or cheap amino acids
    3) <110kCal per serving
    4)cGMP and NSF or Informed for Sport certified

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      Bulk Nutrients seem to have a decent reputation and are still shipping Australia wide despite the lockdowns (you will be at the mercy of AusPost though).

      I won't link to it (not sure about linking protocols on this site) but nutritional info is readily available on their website so you can make an informed choice based of Jordan's advice above.

      I didn't dig too far into the nutritional data but you're looking at about 125cals per serve for WPC.