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Does hypertrophy-oriented training have a greater recomp effect?

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  • Does hypertrophy-oriented training have a greater recomp effect?


    I'm quite fascinated by your RPE-based training but I happened to be a few weeks into the SSNLP when I discovered this site, so I'm thinking I may ride out the latter until I hit some stalls (I have started recording my RPEs after the fact to get some practice).

    Anyway something I'm wondering about is do the more hypertrophic rep ranges (e.g. sets of 10) have any particular implications for partitioning or thermogenesis compared to SS style sets of 5?

    It would seem that hypertrophic training has a more anabolic effect and I suppose requires more energy for recovery than more strength-oriented training, but perhaps I've got the wrong idea?

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    I think the rationale listed is a bit reductionist, but we do know there's a dose-dependent relationship between training volume and muscle strength, size, and cardiorespiratory fitness. The program you're on now does not increase volume over time, has no autoregulation, and has no variation in rep schemes or exercise selection. We would not recommend it if given the choice in the matter.
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