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    In your what you eat video. Your protein recommendation was 1.6 to 3.1 and for those looking to gain weight you can be on the lower end. You also said that most people can get away with the 1.6-2.5 range and that if one was looking to gain weight and still not gaining they need to increase calories through carbs and fat. How would I know if I am not "most people" and should actually be increasing protein? Right now i've been holding around 190-192 for the past month and a half. Wanted to gain slow to 206 (which was the max weight NIH would let me enter) by years end 12/31/20. Currently trying to get 2800 cal/day 208g protein, 250g carbs, 107g fat

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    You're most people unless you're <10% BF and training >6x/wk. I think your macros look fine to me.
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