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    Hi Barbell Medicine team,

    My mom is an advocate for the vitamin, amino acid, and caffeine supplement "Spark" made by Advocare. I know your recommendation for vitamin supplements is to stay away from vitamin supps unless directed by a personal doctor to take them and I also know that you said vitamin supps could be detrimental. I also know your recommendation for amino acids supps is to save your money and not buy them especially if you are already eating a sufficient amount of protein. So my question is, is it safe for my mom to be drinking Spark? If it isn't, how can I encourage her to stop?


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    Fortunately, Spark is Informed Choice certified (like our supplements), which means that each lot of the supplement is tested to make sure it's not contaminated. I do have concerns over the megadosed vitamins, however. 10/10, would not recommend.

    That all being said, your mom is really just taking expensive caffeine, though I don't think she will stop taking it because you say so.
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