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Beans as go-to carb source

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  • Beans as go-to carb source

    Did a search, and didn't really see this addressed.

    Because beans (thinking here of any legume you'd buy in a 1 lb. bag and rehydrate overnight; i.e. beans, peas, lentils but not peanuts, cashews, etc.) seem to have decent fiber and some protein, is there any reason they don't make an ideal go-to carb source assuming no digestion issues?

    I know when I'd previously gotten diet coaching from y'all, they were my main "real food" staple for keeping my fiber up and topping off my protein.

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    Beans are okay if you prefer them. I don't love them personally, but I agree they (along with many other carb sources) can be a part of a health-promoting diet.
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