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    Hi guys,

    I read To Be a Beast, and I practically fit the The Skinny Novice profile to a tee. 5'10, 145 pounds, 23 years. Pretty much at that weight my whole life, skinny fat type. One note is that I've been involved in endurance related sports, mostly road cycling, so gaining weight was never a goal for me. Switching to weight training now.

    In the article, you suggest GOMAD in that case. My question then, would you also suggest that to a person that never tried gaining weight in first place? I'm clearly underweight ( but also something like 17-20% fat , cant see abs), but I've been at ~140-150 pounds since 15-16 years old, naturally tiny appetite so I never overeat, basically I don't know if I'm a hard gainer that would need to do GOMAD instead of + 500 calories approach.

    Cheers guys for any feedback.

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    I probably wouldn't do GOMAD unless it was the only way to get you in a calorie surplus. I think gradually increasing your caloric intake over time is the preferred method rather than consuming a gallon of milk per day.
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