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  • Nutrition FAQ Sticky (Potential)

    Jordan moved to the other coast the week I asked to pay him for in-person coaching, and I'm currently working through the free version of The Bridge, possibly until the next program discount offer, so since I really appreciate the value I've gotten from BBM and don't wish to continue to freeload until that day, I compiled the below:

    FAQ that are answered by reading Jordan’s excellent To Be a Beast (TBAB) article:
    • What do you think about Paleo?
    • What do you think about Intermittent Fasting?
    • What should my daily protein/carb/fat intake be?
    • What should I do to lose weight while training?
    • What should my nutrition be to optimize GainzZz?

    FAQ that are answered by reading Jordan’s excellent article 7 Rules to Optimize Protein Intake
    • How often/much should I be eating protein?
    • Is fancy veggie based protein X a good idea? (BBM developed a Vegan protein worthy of the BBM label and it's available in the shop)
    • Can I eat too much protein?

    Supplement Questions:
    What supplements should I be taking based off your review of the science?
    Everything on the label of Peri-Rx (check the shop)
    Well what about non-workout days? What’s important in there that I would benefit from taking during recovery days?
    Creatine, 5g/day or 0.05g per kilo bodyweight.

    Should I Take Fish oil supplements?
    No. Conditions where fish oil may be useful:
    -If you have very high triglycerides and your doctor prescribed you fish oil
    -Rheumatoid arthritis (but not others)
    -Asthmatics, possibly

    I can’t do Dairy period. What should I do for protein?
    If you can’t reach your protein macros from meals, and Whey Protein Isolate isn’t an option, try a beef or egg protein supplement. BBM also produces a vegan protein powder with EAA content matching their Whey powder.

    Food/drink questions:
    Early AM workout and time strapped, what’s your recommendation for my Pre-workout meal?
    If you're getting up and training within an hour of waking, I would do 1 scoop of whey soaked in instant oats (40g) and enough water to mix them overnight. I'd slam that right after waking up and then sip some coffee on the way to the gym. (Source)

    Why do you emphasize fiber intake in your nutrition advice?
    1. Better health outcomes associated with this level of fiber intake
    2. Requires a certain amount of whole grains, fruits, and veggies to hit
    3. Thermogenic
    4. Satiating

    What about alcohol?

    General recommendation is to keep it under 1-2 drinks in a day or 4 drinks per week.

    Body Comp questions:
    I’ve finished my LP, Waist >40” can I continue with strength gains on an intermediate program while losing weight?
    This is frequently asked, and individual. Losing some waist size would have good health outcomes. Caloric Deficit is necessary to lose weight. With intelligent programming (adequate volume at appropriate intensity) you can still train for strength gains while losing fat. One example Q/A.

    Am I skinny fat?
    Maybe. It's likely that you’re undertrained and under muscled. Do you need to gain weight right now? It depends. If your body fat is > 20% and waist circumference 35-37", I would aim to reduce your waist circumference while either maintaining weight or losing weight, depending on your response. We would recommend doing our Beginner Template. If you're > 30% BF, have a BMI of 35 or higher, or a waist circumference of 37" or higher, I would recommend training and losing weight. If you're <20% body fat, with a BMI < 30, and a waist circumference <34", you might need to gain weight.

    Terms and acronyms commonly found in this forum:
    Caloric Deficit: Consuming fewer calories than your body is using. Being in this condition equates to weight loss. Caloric Surplus would be the opposite of course.
    Macros: Short for Macronutrients. Carbohydrates, Protein, Fats. Your sources of caloric intake. The term frequently refers to intended intake in grams, as explained by the paradigms in "TBAB"
    Waist Measurement: Performed at the navel not the belt line
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    Heh, not bad!

    I will make a few edits and try and keep up with this bad boy
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      Originally posted by Jordan Feigenbaum View Post
      Heh, not bad!

      I will make a few edits and try and keep up with this bad boy
      It's all you man. I like the more nuanced answer to the skinny fat one but in multiple topics, the answer boiled down to the shorter "no you're under trained" with that answer verbatim once I think.

      I've generated this kind of reference in other online communities I've been involved with, and thought if I could do the same for you, it could be beneficial to the community, and possibly result in some of your work time being spent generating new content rather than answering the same FAQ.

      With your permission, if I see new material manifest in the form of repeated Q/As or I see a verifiable change in stance, I'll slip in and edit the OP with an edit log maintained in this reply (with links to source content).
      OP Edit log


      Some minor formatting edits increasing the font size of the "sections"
      Added a common terms and acronyms section
      Discovered that I'm stuck with "(Potential)" in the title as I can't edit it. Bummer.

      Added some references to BBM's Vegan protein, and links to the shop in appropriate places.
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        That'd be excellent man. Thank you!
        Barbell Medicine "With you from bench to bedside"
        ///Website /// Instagram /// Peri™ Rx /// Whey Rx /// Barbell Medicine Podcast/// Newsletter /// Seminars ///


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          Nice work, Serack!


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            This is excellent and a great one to share! Thanks guys.


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              Maybe a section of "stuff that doesn't matter and we wish you'd stop asking about" based on a search of threads where Jordan replies with "doesn't matter.

              That, or we publish "the big book of nuances"


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                This is an awesome resource especially since im about to start my "cut".


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                  I haven't been following the nutrition section like I used to follow it on the SS forums as it's no longer the primary place where I get content from him. As such I'm not as familiar with the developing FAQ since originally generating this topic, and hence my low rate of updates.

                  Today I added some references to the BBM vegan protein in appropriate places, as well as links to the shop for it and Peri-Rx.
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