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Saturated fat - Mediterranean diet?

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  • Saturated fat - Mediterranean diet?

    1. What would be your counter to someone who says to "ignore people who say saturated fat is bad for you", using the Mediterranean and Native American diets as examples of "healthy diets"? This person also puts oil on their carb sources to "lower the GI". I'm quite sure you talked about the Mediterranean diet specifically on a podcast but I can't seem to find it.

    2. Am I correct to say that you can't actually lower the GI of a food?And by putting oil on say bread, you are just diluting the GI of the entire meal (consisting of bread+oil).

    This is in regards to a family member who may actually listen to reason.

    (And a quick thanks for all the amazing work the BBM team does.)

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    1. See this article and look at the actual SFA content of the Mediterranean diet. I'm not aware that the native american diet is uniquely health-promoting, given they have increased risk of nearly all diseases of modern, Westernized society.

    2. Correct.

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