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Hit Initial Weight Loss Goal, Next Steps?

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  • Hit Initial Weight Loss Goal, Next Steps?

    Good Afternoon!

    I (5'9" 43 y/o male, not of Asian decent) started at 192lbs and 41" waist, and have made it down to 176 and 35.5". I did this by using macros from TBAB (200p/175c/40f) and running Hypertrophy I, and I'm currently finishing week 7 of PowerBuilding I; I've been at this state for 4 weeks (175-177lbs every day, sub 35.75 waist). Navy Method suggests I'm 22% BF, but I look much close to the 15% pictures online than the 20%. I suspect I'm in the 17/18% range.

    My goals, in order: Reduction of long-term health risks related to obesity, strength gains.

    My situation feels a little borderline, and I don't have a strong personal preference. So, I wanted to ask you for a recommendation:
    1. Repeat PB1 or Hy1, reduce calories further and chase that extra 1/2" to get below 35"
    2. Adjust Macros and Calories to 'recomp' based on TBAB + NIDDK, move on to Strength I while keeping my waist sub 36"
    3. Something else?

    Thanks for any guidance.

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    Nice job so far! I'd probably do whatever program you want and get into the 34" range, then add back 300-500kCal and maintain there for a bit.
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      Thanks. Hopefully another loop through PB will trim another inch.