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    I've been interested in nutrition, especially from a performance standpoint, for quite some time. I've completed one or two super basic nutrition subjects as part of some other courses I've undertaken, but I really want to learn more and eventually pursue a career in nutrition (likely focused around sports nutrition).

    How would you recommend I approach this? I'm 32 and work full-time, but have a solid work ethic and plenty of free time. University is the obvious avenue, but I wanted to get some opinions from other people in the field before spending 3+ years of my life and a decent chunk of money on something that may be time and money poorly spent.

    I doubt it'll have any impact on answers, but I live in Australia (in case you recommend something US specific).

    Thanks in advance!

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    I'd be seeking some sort of terminal degree program in dietetics if a career change is really what you're after. This may be more complicated with an existing career, but given how COVID has impacted distance could be viable.
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      Thanks for the input, I'll take a look!