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2 meals a day too few?

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  • 2 meals a day too few?

    Hi BBM team and forum members,

    I currently eat two large meals a day that collectively contain all my desired nutrients at the target amounts (calories, protein, fiber, etc). This structure makes it really easy for me to stay adherent to my overall daily nutrient goals.

    My question is if I am leaving gains on the table by only feeding myself in two meals? These meals are about 5-6 hours apart and I could probably add a snack (with plenty of protein) in between the two meals, but likely not before/after either meal. Can my body do all the fancy MPS stuff and everything else it needs to get me good gains with just 2 meals a day? Thanks for your time!


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    I don't think there's likely to be a significant difference for training or health outcomes with different meal frequencies provided adherence is the same.
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