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Methotrexate and Macros/Calories

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  • Methotrexate and Macros/Calories

    I'm on low-dose methotrexate (25mg / week) and I'm wondering if there are any changes I should make to my calorie or macro intake compared to your normal recommendations. Right now I'm trying to lose weight as I'm nearly obese, but I'm also sarcopenic due to my RA and tendon injuries. I really want to lose this gut but I don't want to lose what little muscle I have.

    I can only do machine chest fly's, lateral machine raises, tricep pushdowns, and lower body machine work due to my joint problems.

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    Sorry to hear about your exercise limitations- that can be a tough road, though it sounds like you're making your way through it.

    I wouldn't make any nutrition changes based on this antibiotic, but given the sarcopenia, I would definitely pay attention to your protein intake.
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