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Looks like humans are not that adaptable

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  • Looks like humans are not that adaptable

    If humans are so adaptable, why don't we just adapt diets that is high in saturated fat ?
    Rather, guidelines say that we should restrict calories that we get from saturated fat to 10 %.
    Isn't it reductionist approach for complex species like humans, and looks like that you shouldn't go over 90 degrees of knee angle in the squat?

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    I suppose if someone weren't looking at this through the lens of evolution and anthropology they might have difficulty squaring that circle. Evolution isn't really an "adaptive" mechanism, but rather a selection tool for the fittest in a given niche.

    Most, if not all, of our evolutionary gainzZz are focused around making reproduction easier, more efficient, living long enough to reproduce, and raising the offspring until they are of reproductive age. Very little, if any, selective pressure is exerted by what happens after reproductive age, e.g. heart disease, most cancers, etc.

    Of note, the vast majority of our hominid ancestry -including past and present hunter gatherers- consume(d) diets very low in saturated fat.

    We make many adaptations to changing dietary patterns including enzymes, gut flora, etc., but that doesn't seem to allow us to tolerate diets with high saturated fat intake, in general, for long period of time without health consequences.
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