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Fastest way to lose weight?

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  • Fastest way to lose weight?

    Hello Barbell Medicine group. I just recently enlisted into the Air Force and am expecting to ship out within the next 3-5 months. Here’s the problem, I am 6 ft 3 in, and weigh 216 lbs. This weight was taken while fasted with very little water intake earlier in the day. I want to say I’m roughly around 218-222 lbs during the day when eating and drinking. According to the BMI that the military uses. I have to be under 220 lbs in order to qualify and I have to be under 215 lbs in order to actually ship out. My question to you is what is your recommended way to approach this? I have to do weekly check ins for my weight, and I was planning on the check ins being in a fasted state. I hopefully would like to reach around 210 or lower by the time I leave.

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    A sustained Calorie deficit for the next 3 months would be more than enough to get you where you want to be. This does not require extreme measures or "the fastest" weight loss plan.
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      Thank you Dr, I appreciate the info!