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Creatine and caffeine, is there any interaction?

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  • Creatine and caffeine, is there any interaction?


    i've been reading a few articles that claim that there may be an interference between the consumption of creatine and caffeine.
    I would like to know if this inteference really exists and in that case, what causes that.


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    What articles have you been reading?

    A few lines of evidence suggesting this probably isn't worth worrying about:

    1) Many studies using multi-ingredient supplements containing both caffeine and creatine show efficacy for improving performance
    2) Many studies showing chronic creatine intake does not alter caffeine's effect on performance
    3) 3 studies showing similar performance benefits when creatine is dissolved into coffee or tea as when taken with water

    The only data to my knowledge that suggests creatine and caffeine may interact in a negative way shows a longer time to peak muscle concentrations in some individuals during a creatine loading phase, but this study has failed replication.

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