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  • Two meals per day!

    I fast couple days per week, and when i do i can only fit in two meals in my schedule. I have my first meal, train after an hour, first my workout in 2hours, prep and eat my second meal then i’m done and it would be late. What i’m concerned about is am i doing it right or if there is a better approach to it, maybe a word of advice id really appreciate. So, i’m not an actual robot and I'm not from France. Just to clear that up.
    Age : 28
    Height : 5’11
    Weight : 179lb
    - I train seven days a week, i distribute the volume of three days program throughout the week, in my two years of lifting i found myself enjoying this approach the most.
    Calories : I’m on a slow bulk, i do 3000-3050kcal everyday. My weight have plateaued for the past week, so i aim to increase my calories by a 100kcal.
    - On an average day where i dont fast, i do three meals with a shake. Here are my two meals that i do on the days i fast :

    Total Macros :
    • Kcal : 3,056 - P: 176.5 - C: 307 - F: 98.5
    Meal 1
    • kcal : 1,558 - P: 86 - C: 178 - F: 37.3
    • 300g Chickpeas : 492kcal (26p-60c-7.8f)
    • 140g chicken breast : 242kcal (43p-6.5f)
    • 250g full-fat milk : 152kcal (8p-12c-8f)
    • 30g / 2 tbsp tahina : 190kcal (9p-5c-15f)
    • 80g dates : 280 kcal (50c)
    • Whole orange 81kcal (21c)
    • 140g Banana 121kcal (30c)
    Meal 2 (Shake)
    • Kcal : 1,498 - P: 90.5 - C: 129 - F: 61.2
    • 20g Almonds : 116kcal (4p-4c-10f)
    • 10g flaxseeds : 50kcal (1.5p-4.2f)
    • 500g full-fat milk : 304kcal (16p-24c-16f)
    • 120g quick oats : 441kcal (15p-66c-12f)
    • 50g frozen blue berries : 28kcal (7c)
    • 33g / 2 tsbp peanut butter : 190kcal (7p-8c-16f)
    • 50g / 2 scoop of whey : 190kcal (40p)
    • 100g full-fat Yogurt : 111kcal (7p-6c-3f)
    • 150g Apple : 68kcal (14c)
    Let me know if there is anything else you’d like me to clear up on, thank you in advance!

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    I would not recommend fasting a few days a week if performance (strength, muscle mass, etc.) are important to you and/or you're trying to gain muscle.

    That said, if you're currently gaining weight slowly....the energy intake would be appropriate.

    The meals look fine, I suppose.
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      I’ll definitely keep that in mind Jordan!

      Thank you for the quick reply and i hope you’re feeling better from the stomach bug.

      Wish you good health