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Thinking about weight as a smaller guy

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  • Thinking about weight as a smaller guy

    I’m a 34 year old intermediate lifter thinking about where to take my weight. I’ve been training about 18 months, currently at 305 deadlift, 160 bench, 200 squat estimated 1 RMs. I’m 5’6”, currently at 140 lbs, about 15% body fat (DEXA), low VAT (<0.4 lbs). I’ve lost a bit over 40 lbs since 2018, and I’ve been holding at maintenance (± a couple of lbs) a bit over a year now. My current goals are to build strength and muscle mass, really for self-improvement and health over any kind of competition. I’m thinking about a lean bulk at this point, maybe aiming for 150 lbs or so. I’d be curious to hear your thoughts on reasonable weight targets and rates of change for someone with my goals and background (definitely expecting a range). Thanks for all of your great information and advice to the community!

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    Maybe somewhere in the 145-160 range, with slow weight gain taking place over many months and your waist staying close to the same.
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      Thanks! Appreciate the detail!