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    I've been lifting for a little bit now, finished SSLP (although prematurely IMO), gained only 30 lbs, but I still feel like I'm struggling with food. I'm in this spot where I hate eating food. It's hard to describe even though a dozen people have asked me about it. I have to be vigilant on actual eating a decent amount of food otherwise I'll just gladly skip meals, even though I'm trying to gain and lift heavier. This really leads to me overthinking and stressing more about food/recovery more than my actual workout.

    I think the problem is I just don't know enough about food and the body with most fitness books skimming over the topic, rightly so. But then I hear about all these different types of proteins, their affects on the body, when to have them, how to measure and log, and I start stressing about it again. What book(s) would you recommend to help out with the understanding of food in fitness? Any other other way would you recommend? I love to read, but feel free to hit me with anything.


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    I don't think there is a good resource for this particular niche' topic.

    I think the previous LP-based advice to rapidly gain weight in search for greater strength gainzZz was incorrect and may have contributed to the compensatory experience you're having now.

    Nutrition for gainsZz in brief:

    1) Eat 1.6 g of protein per kilogram total bodyweight per day. More is fine if you want, but not necessarily better.
    2) Consume the amount of Calories required to manage your weight as desired, e.g. gain, maintenance, or loss.
    3) Eat at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetables (combined) per day. More is better.
    4) Aim for >30 g fiber per day from fruits, vegetables, whole gains, legumes (beans), etc.
    5) Limit saturated fat and added sugar.
    6) Low carbohydrate and ketogenic diets probably aren't the best for muscle and strength gain.
    7) Supplements like whey protein, creatine monohydrate, etc. may be helpful if meeting all of the above.
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      Dang, oh well. Maybe just need more experience and experiments to gain that confidence. Thank you for the advice, Doc.