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Improving compliance with carbs.

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  • Jordan Feigenbaum
    I would not drink wazy maize throughout the day, but rather increase your intake per meal. You're not markedly underweight, so you'll be fine.

    As far as the BCAAs go, just not enough evidence that they do anything chronically with respect to total muscle gained.

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  • nsipid
    started a topic Improving compliance with carbs.

    Improving compliance with carbs.

    Taking BCAAs with waxy maize between meals was a useful way for me to be compliant with my carb intake (I have trouble eating enough carbs). It seems now that the idea of timing BCAAs between meals is considered a bit unproductive. Because of this, I also stopped taking the waxy maize and find it difficult to get enough carbs in by the end of the day as per "To Be a Beast". I tend to have to eat WAY more fat in order to get all of my calories in.

    So my main question is: whether or not I should go back to slamming down some waxy maize throughout the day (without the BCAAs) for compliance or is there a reason to avoid this (insulin response maybe?).

    Note: I am a 165lb late-novice with 22% bf according to navy method at 5'7" (started at a sickly 115lb). I am still trying to gain weight, just at a slower rate these days.

    A side question is, do you have any further information to offer about what changed your perspective on between meal BCAAs? It seems intuitive to me to think that prolonging elevated MPS in this manner over a long period of time would produce positive results in terms of strength/hypertrophy gains.