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Goal: improving muscle mass in a slight surplus

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  • Goal: improving muscle mass in a slight surplus

    title says all. I just finished 7 weeks of hypertrophy/gpp, thé 4 date/week version, template. I am 1,86cm tall 89kg, 86cm waist,been lifting for 13 years, doing bbm templates since 2018 I guess

    during the last 7 weeks I ate an average of 3000kcal/day that allowed me to gain 0,5 to 1kg Max total, my waist went up 0,5cm. However I felt low Energy during the workouts.

    0 cardio, however 3 days/week dancing for about 3-4 hours rpe 6-7 each session mostly in parties. I’m a wannabe professional dancer. For each one of these sessions I eat extra 1000-1500 cal ( the 3000 cal average does not take those extra calories into account). My data showed it is enough to maintain my weight. On the other days most of Time i’m sitting

    My goal is to improve muscle mass specialy on upper body and arms ( my arms Didnt grow an inch in the last 10 years, despite Being 97kg or 89kg...). Thus, i am very confortable about mt waist size and body composition, i would juste like more mass (who doesn’t)

    my following plan is doing PB3 because pb templates gave me the most progress in strength and mass gains.

    here are some questions, i would really appreciate if you could answer me

    -do i still need to do cardio or my 10-12hrs of dancing/week is enough in terms of health ?

    -main question: how to increase my 3000cal/day conservztively to minimize gain in waist circumference while making me gain more mass? I’m too afraid about having increases in my waist

    -after those dancing sessions/parties how would you distribute the macros for the extra 1000-1500 cals i eat after each session? Normally i eat 200g of protein daily but in these days i dance i may consume 300g for exemple

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    Thanks for the post and I hope all is well on your end. I think that your dancing is likely sufficient conditioning for health. I don't know that I would eat an extra 1000 to 15000 Cals extra on days you dance. Rather, I would consume the same amount of energy on all days. It sounds like your daily average is closer to ~3500 across a week. I'd aim for that + 250 Calories and see how your weight does. I'd keep the protein at ~1.6 to 2 g/kg/day and split the rest among carbohydrates and fats based on your preferences.

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