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How fast should i continue to lose weight, - advice based on situation

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  • How fast should i continue to lose weight, - advice based on situation

    Hey jordan, i always feel like starting off saying i really appreciate you and the rest of barbell medicine for changing my perspective on so many things, and my overall lifestyle.

    i have a few questions based on whats been going on with my weightloss, and i am wondering given the data, what you recommend i do, my goal being to lose weight and get down to that 32-33" waist, then continue my muscle and more importantly strength building goalzzZz.

    23 yrs old
    sleep 8-8.5 hours a night (sleep apnea with a cpap)
    38.5" waist
    329lbs, 219lbs, 149lbs, 376lbs, squat bench press and deadlift respectively.

    been training since i was 15. Started at 110lbs.
    ran 5x5 for about 3-4 years.
    did the bridge about 2-3x with layoffs inbetween.
    have done the beginner template about 2-3x with layoffs inbetween.
    - layoffs due to mental health issues and toxic relationship unfortunately.
    all of this has resulted in 219lbs and a lot of trouble staying on going to the gym. However i have failed many times and continue to try and get back to my passion for strength lifting and fitness.

    Now, onto my current lifestyle.
    I just finished week 4 of the beginner template.
    i started at 219lbs, and 42.5" waist, and am now 207.4lbs, with a 38.5" waist, progress to be happy about i think!
    all of this whilst eating about 2000 calories a day, give or take ~50cals.

    My prompt for this post is because i have suddenly been feeling pretty exhausted and run down, the past few days, without any life stressors interfering. I should note i have been getting stronger on all lifts which is great. However my session rpes are seeming to be climbing, having rpe 9 sessions, and honestly a rpe 10 session for fridays session.

    a few questions,
    1) should i slow down my rate of weight loss? I know you say most of the time fatigue is usually a training program issue (if i didnt misinterpret some of your information)

    2) i am averaging about 100-105grams of protein a day (checked by myfitnesspal averages), is this too little? I know the range is quite big for protein intake if i remember from the guide on protein intake. I dont drink protein shakes as its been very difficult to manage eating 2000 cals a day, and i always am going hungry, so i dont ever drink anything that has calories in it. As i remember you saying liquid calories are definitely not as satiating as regular food.

    3) am i compromising a lot more musclemass in comparison to losing weight more slowly?

    4) i find rpe is pretty hard to rate on sets with more than 4 reps. A couple weeks ago i did an amrap for my sets of 10 rep squats, as i had to go early suddenly, and what i thought was going to be an @8 set, i squeezed out 16 reps?! I couldnt believe it. It feels so difficult. My question is, should rpe 10 mean an absolute grinder? That is how ive been treating everything so far. Rpe 9 is dam slow but rpe 10 is like holy shit i cant believe the bar went back up. Rpe 8 being like- ok that next rep would be dang slow. My point in this question is to figure out if i should be more conservative with my approach to rpe.

    Thanks for everything. I truly appreciate you taking the time to read all about my situation. Hope your weekend was great.

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    Thanks for the post and the kind words. We really appreciate it. Let's see if I can address your questions here:

    1) I don't think so. A good portion of that was likely water, but I don't think the rate of weight loss has much to do with your strength progression. Rather, I think that you're likely stronger now than you were the first time you ran the program and it's less appropriate for you at present. I also think choosing weights that are too heavy for a weekly progression (which is unlikely to take place the vast majority of anyone's training career) are making your sessions feel harder. This needs to be addressed.

    2) Yes. I'd be aiming for ~160g per day minimum.

    3) Not really due to weight loss rate, but low protein intake.

    4) Seems like you're overshooting more than you're undershooting so...I don't think I would worry about it. RPE 10 should be the heaviest weight you can do without failing, yes.

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      Thanks so much jordan!


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        great advices!