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Nutrition and Cardiovascular Risk

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  • Nutrition and Cardiovascular Risk

    Jordan/Austin - in Episode 183 of the podcast, I heard Austin say he has shifted more of his carbohydrate sources to come from legumes/lentils due to heart disease history in his family. Are there any BBM posts or podcasts that discuss this topic? I have a family history of heart disease (3 uncles died of heart attacks before 60) and am wondering if I should make a similar change. I've already been following BBM's recommendations for weight circumference and have gone from 39 inches to 36 inches since the beginning of the year.

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    We have lots of content on blood lipid/cholesterol management (3-part article series on the website, the red meat article, and podcast episodes 76, 105, 165, etc.), and episode 109 on dietary fiber.
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      Nice job on your waist circumference reduction, Qirat. That's great!

      We have podcasts on fiber, cholesterol, and the relationship between red meat intake and health and associated articles for the latter two. We don't have a podcast on heart disease by itself, however. Check those out. We're happy to answer any specific questions you may have.

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