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  • Creatine Brand Recommendations

    I currently take Peri-Rx 3x/week on my lifting days. It's my understanding that the one ingredient in Peri-Rx that would be worth taking on off days is creatine monohydrate. Do you all have some brand recommendations? Are there any that you trusted and took prior to creating Peri-Rx?

    I've scoured this form and the broader internet for a couple hours trying to find the cheapest NSF or Informed Sport certified creatine. The best that I've found is MyProtein's 1kg bag for $69 on Amazon. It's Informed Sport certified.​

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    I don't have a brand that I recommend above others, but if they're cGMP and 3rd party tested, they should be good to go!
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      Clint I use biosteel creatine. It’s NSF certified. I get it from
      vitamin shoppe though I’m sure other places carry it.