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  • That Waist Circumference Tho

    Hello Jordan,

    I watched your waist circumference video for the first time (for some reason). I have been using BBM templates now for 2 years (seriously) and would like to say thank you for the vast amount of knowledge and information. I have also been putting in the effort in the gym and in my diet consistently now. For background, I am a night shift ICU nurse. I'm 30 (almost 31) yo, 6'1'', 207 lbs. I have been a ectomorph my whole life until now. I have never weighed this much in my life and since increasing cals, I am gaining weight fast. About 1lb a week or so it seems. I training 3-4 days a week with almost always a day in-between training sessions. My goal has been to increase strength and muscle size so I have not done any conditioning. For instance, DL went from 365 to 450 rather quickly. However, I am eating on avg 3200-3600 cals a day. My waist circumference (if I did it right) is right at or just barely over 39'', and I can tell. I don't have fat anywhere else as noticeable as in my waist. This has me rather distressed as I have enjoyed the strength gains, but don't want to incur atherosclerosis.

    What I am thinking: Should I cut fats or carbs the most? I am consistently hitting my 1g/lb protein goal. I'm thinking I will start doing the prescribed GPP conditioning in the PB I template. I want to look like Christian Bale when he was Batman I.e., I want to be lean and strong like yourself and Dr. Baraki.

    Help. What do? Also, see you guys next year at a seminar!

    Much Thanks!

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    Thanks for the post and the kind words. Hope to see you at a seminar ASAP!

    I think if your waist is > 37", I would reduce Calories to reduce it slowly. To me, it doesn't matter if you reduce Cals from fats, carbs, or both. All of it works equally as well and is more about personal preference than any outright advantage to doing it one way or another. Take a few hundred Cals off from wherever you prefer and see how you do!

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      Thank you for the quick response! Just bought tickets for the Atlanta seminar in Feb!

      Do you think I should add in conditioning or what impact that would have if any? I actually superset my GPP accessories anyways just to have a little increased intensity. I noticed PB 1 says 0-2 days of conditioning. Trying to achieve maximum gainzzz. I’ll def. drop some calories and go from there.

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    I think if you're doing the conditioning in PB I, you're probably good to go. I wouldn't superset the GPP stuff for any reason outside of reducing the time spent training, as I don't think it improves conditioning or energy costs of exercise to any significant degree. Just my 0.02!
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